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CAMP10 Staff

A highly-qualified management team from the TEN Campus will oversee each program, managing logistics, meals, and the service program. The staff of TEN Campus will oversee each program with their highly-qualified lodge management team; they will manage the logistics, meals and service program. TEN will also provide a few carefully selected host(s) to form part of the program during the three weeks. Various faculty members from Corban University and as-many-as-needed senior college students will help set the tone and assist as small group leaders and tutors. They will also assist with some evening, weekend, fitness and adventure activities.

Corban University CAMP10 Staff

Students from Corban University (a private Christian college in Salem, Oregon) serve as the CAMP10 staff for this life-changing summer experience. They are dedicated to walking with you through an incredible time of learning and growth as you study, travel, serve and encounter God together at CAMP10.

This is your opportunity to be mentored by college students who are passionate about making a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. Corban is dedicated to preparing students to be Christian thought leaders in their careers and communities. Corban students develop a global perspective by participating in opportunities like CAMP10, study abroad, mission trips and campus events like World Outreach Week, poverty simulations, MLK Serve Day and more. students are preparing to be Christian thought leaders in their careers and communities. They are developing a global perspective through opportunities like CAMP10, study abroad, mission trips and campus events like World Outreach Week, poverty simulations, MLK Serve Day and more.

Corban students love to serve in their community. In fact, many campus ministries and clubs are student-created and student-led. 

Of course, they also know how to have fun. With intramurals like Ultimate Frisbee and campus traditions like the Lumberjack Games, Barn Party, Ocean Rush and more, Corban students live life to the fullest while growing in their knowledge and faith.

Corban University CAMP10 Professors

CAMP10 students take a Christian Worldview class taught by Corban University Faculty. At Corban, a Christian worldview is integrated into every major, and professors bring a strong biblical foundation to their field of study, whether that’s ministry or business or health science.

Corban faculty is dedicated to understanding and teaching how God’s word relates to their field and informs our view of the world. They teach students to ask how they can honor God in their future professions as entrepreneurs, doctors, politicians, and teachers. Students learn how to live as a Christian in today’s world.

Corban faculty seeks to equip students to be like Daniel in Babylon and Esther in Persia, thriving as a member of society while ultimately living for Christ.