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Mackouwkuil South Africa and the CAMP10 site may be one of the best places to take world-class photos. Bring your smartphone to take awesome photos and videos to post on our Instagram accounts. Or step it up and bring your drone or telephoto lens and capture spectacular wildlife, birdlife, our spectacular sunsets or the beautiful and friendly African people. CAMP10 will give introductory training in photography.

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Physical exercise

Students will be given 30 to 60-minute exercise or sport routines Monday through Friday, including walking, jogging, or sports like volleyball.

Safari Experience

Visit the Mackouwkuil Game Lodge and Conference Centre and see two members of the Big 5 in real life – the magnificent elusive leopard and the larger-than-life buffalo. You will not have the chance to experience this anywhere else but Africa!

Zip-line Adventure

Go on a zip-line adventure in the breathtaking Waterberg region.

Photo Safaris

Experience the best photographic opportunities in Africa at the picturesque Mackouwkuil Game Lodge and Conference Centre with its abundant selection of wild animals.


Fishing is a very popular activity at Mackouwkuil. In fact, it boasts one of the largest bass ever caught in the Limpopo Province. Join the staff for some catfish or bass fishing in one of the three lakes, but watch out for the crocodile… or fish safely from the enclosed deck!


With virtually no air pollution, the Waterberg is the ideal venue to marvel at God’s creation, especially during South Africa’s winter months. Experience a nighttime showing together as a telescope is beamed on a big screen to show you the Southern Cross and other constellations in the Southern Hemisphere.


CAMP10 will have many individual and fun group competitions to motivate and help students excel in skill development and teamwork.

A favorite reward will be to spend a night in the safari tent on the river with hippos in the lake below the deck!

Adventures are subject to change based on the size of the group, weather conditions and suppliers’ availability.