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Camp10 Endorsements Dr Janine Allen
“I believe we need to prepare the next generation of leaders for life and ministry for where God calls them to serve throughout the world. Cross cultural relationships and skill development is key for both ministry and vocational success. It is exciting that the 12 hours of college credit classes will include a course focused on cross cultural understanding and skill development. What will make this experience unique is the context of experiential learning in another country and culture. As Corban engages the Global South with college level programs in Indonesia, Cameroon and Germany we are delighted to partner with TEN to engage high school students with a summer abroad program that is truly unique in scope, value and experience”.
Dr Janine Allen, Associate Provost of Global Engagement, Corban University
Camp10 Endorsements Martin Deacon
“CAMP10 could not be more thrilled to take hands with Corban University to co-sponsor this 5 week summer abroad program with key ministry partners to impact Christian high school students for the cause of Christ. As parents of students who got an education at ACSI schools and then later as homeschoolers studying online we have witnessed the benefit of giving our children intentional cross cultural exposure, join the SilveringThing movement, sending them on short terms mission trips, one to three week university sponsored educational excursions and Christian summer camps. The CAMP10 program combines the very best practices of all of the above and will give students a head start in terms of college course credit and then more importantly a thorough introduction to the Word of God and the world we live in from a distinctive Biblical and Evangelical perspective”
Martin Deacon, Director, CAMP10
Camp10 Endorsements Bishop Vincent Mathews
“As missions president of Church of God in Christ we have partnered with Teach Every Nation to train our pastors from all over Africa during special one week trainings during the Fall at the TEN CAMPUS – right in the middle of a malaria free game park of all places! I could not be more thrilled to help mobilize our young people in the USA to get on mission and go to Africa for a multi cultural life experience that they will never recover from”
Bishop Vincent Mathews, President, COGIC MISSIONS
Camp10 Endorsements Denny Pattyn
“Our passion and calling is for young people to live with zeal for the Lord. We know the spiritual importance of abstinence and purity and the challenges young people face in this and other cultures. I am delighted that this message will be part of the program of CAMP10. My friends from Walk Thru the Bible in South Africa has taken the SRT program for a decade to tens of thousand of young people in Africa. I support them to do so again as part of the CAMP10 outreach program to teenagers in Africa.”
Denny Pattyn, President, SilverRingThing
Camp10 Endorsements Dr Sheldon Nord
“Corban University is an accredited institution of higher education that is uniquely Christ-centered and globally minded. Partnering with Teach Every Nation directly aligns with our mission to ‘educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.’ I encourage all of our incoming freshmen to consider this program as a way to gain international exposure prior to college as it will prepare them to make a global kingdom impact.”
Dr. Sheldon Nord, President, Corban University
Camp10 Endorsements Rev Elvis Mvulane
“For more than two decades our ministry has been a bridge between some of the finest evangelical ministries in the USA and the church in Africa. We are thrilled to be the local hosts at CAMP10 together with Corban faculty and college students to take high school students to make a difference in the lives of the poor and needy. We believe in study hard, play hard and using your gifts to serve and make a big difference. I cannot wait to welcome you to my country and introduce its people!”
Rev. Elvis Mvulane, National Director, Walk Thru the Bible South Africa
Camp10 Endorsements Dr Bruce Wilkinson
“In my book DREAM GIVER I talk about Ordinary leaving the land of the familiar to follow the dream God put into his or her heart. In every teenager is the desire to explore the world and go on a life adventure to make a difference. As your teenager brings this opportunity to you to go places, and be a part of an ‘adventure with purpose’ I encourage you to become a champion and not a border bully. We could not be more thrilled to see the beautiful TEN campus in Africa be used in the summer to not only train pastors but be a space to equip the next generation of pioneers for His cause”
Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, President, Teach Every Nation