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Missions and Ministry

Ministry opportunities to look forward to may include:

Working with the whole group or with smaller teams, students will have opportunities to reach out to the local community.

Orphans – Help the church to feed and care for orphans. We encourage all to bring a shoebox full of useful goods for young children.
Teenagers – Take the Silver Ring Thing abstinence message to other teens in high school and help save a generation from HIV/AIDS.
Church – Help renovate or build a church structure for a growing church.
Community – Distribute food and clothing to those with need.
Evangelism – Assist with outreach ministries (e.g. a soccer camp) and present the gospel to the community.

Creation Stewardship:

Work with veterinarians to care for stray animals, care for game park wildlife by ridding the park of invasive vegetation, and help care for orphaned or injured animals at the animal sanctuary.

We look forward to discovering the gifts and passions of those who attend CAMP10 and listening to how they wish to be the hands, heart and feet for Jesus Christ. CAMP10 will be a valuable time to engage in special praise and worship sessions and times of prayer to lift up one another and the ministries in which we will engage. We encourage all who can play musical instruments to bring them to add to the chorus of praise! Students will be given a chance to raise money for the 10 MINA Fund so others may join the effort to make an eternal and tangible impact in Africa. 

Please note not all opportunities listed here will be available in each CAMP10 Session.  Email to enquire about the possible missions opportunities in the next session.

Come prepared!

  • Bring a bag of clothing, toys or books for underprivileged children (or $100 to $200 to purchase these items locally)
  • Bring two English Bibles to share with fellow believers in Africa.