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CAMP10 is a three-week cross-cultural African adventure for high school and college students. Created by Teach Every Nation (TEN) and co-sponsored by Corban University, CAMP10 combines classroom instruction, hands-on ministry, discipleship, and adventure at an incredible game park in South Africa.

CAMP10 equips young adults (between the ages of 15 and 22) with the knowledge and experience to better understand themselves and their world, develop a Christian worldview, and reinforce their biblical values.

We have selected top speakers, Christian leaders, trusted partner ministries and the coolest student leaders from Corban University to guide CAMP10 students through this amazing experience as they learn and serve God together in Africa!

CAMP10 includes:

  • Accredited college courses
  • Cross-cultural life experiences in Africa, including interactions with African teachers, hosts, staff, and local African students.
  • Ministry and service opportunities
  • Adventure-filled activities in a wildlife setting
  • Discipleship and missional formation from a Biblical worldview
  • Rich content for college and scholarship application essays
  • Exploring beautiful South Africa
  • Creating lifelong connections with other dedicated students and with godly camp staff and instructors who care deeply about the development of the next generation of leaders.

Training takes place in the beautiful surroundings of the Limpopo Province, in the South African bush. The malaria free TEN Campus, equipped with upscale facilities, provides a comfortable home away from home. In addition, trained and experienced staff will ensure that safety and well-being are a top priority on this challenging African adventure.

Students will interact with African teachers, hosts, staff and other students from Africa. A group of Christian teenagers from Johannesburg may join the students on campus for a week or a weekend.

CAMP10 students will earn college credit from Corban University during their summer abroad that may be applied to high school graduation requirements (depending on your high school) and/or university credit. The first two classes (six college credits) will be taken during CAMP10.

High school session courses:

  • IS110CT Cross Cultural Intelligence (3 semester hours)
  • An introduction to Cultural Intelligence giving the students real life exposure to the different peoples, histories and cultures of South Africa. This course will prepare students for a life long journey of cultural engagement helping them understand the basic categories of culture and give them an appreciation for cultural diversity and give them basic skills on how to communicate and relate to others from a Christian perspective. This course will be valuable in building relationships, doing cross cultural ministry and business.


  • TH233CT Biblical Worldview (3 semester hours)
  • An in-depth study of the Christian worldview, founded on the biblical themes of Authority & Truth, Creation, Fall, and Redemption. Particular attention is given to biblical epistemology (the nature, basis and validity of knowledge), metaphysics (the nature of God, man, and all creation), and axiology (ethics, aesthetics, and values), as well as an analysis of non-Christian worldviews.

After CAMP10, students will enroll in a three-credit online college course through Corban University. Choose from courses in math, science, writing, music, health, Bible, speech, art, and more. A complete list of course options will be provided at the end of CAMP10.

Apply today to be part of CAMP10 2018!

CAMP10 welcomes students (ages 15-22) who are followers of Jesus Christ and who have demonstrated their ability to complete college level courses by having a GPA of at least 2.7 on their current high school or 2.0 on their college transcript.

If you need instructions on creating a transcript, please contact

Confirming your attendance:

The following has additional information about required next steps to confirm your CAMP10 attendance.

  1. To confirm your attendance, place a $1350.00 flight payment at
  2. Your flight payment confirms your space in CAMP10. CAMP10 has achieved the low cost of $1350.00 for international flights through group discounts and advance reservations.
  3. If you decide not to attend CAMP10, your flight payment is fully refundable by written request until April 1, 2018.
  4. Finally, pay your full final tuition payment by 45 days before departure.
  5. High School Session due date: May 9, 2018. Tuition payments can be made at this link
  6. Should you need an extension on the tuition deadline, please notify us in writing.

High School Session: $4,250

High school students from South Africa and Africa welcome to submit application for the 23rd June to the 13th July session. Special pricing available on request and to get application form please email

Costs will cover all the students’ needs in Africa, including transportation in South Africa, meals, lodging, nine college credits from Corban University (worth over $11,000), and all group excursions. Optional extra excursions such as horseback riding, hunting and big five game park may be added for an additional cost.

Airline tickets will cost an additional $1350 (to be confirmed) if students participate in group flight option and whilst seats on the group reservation are available from selected gateway cities in the USA.

CAMP10 will be a life-changing summer of spiritual growth, character development, and leadership training. You will leave the program with a network of like-minded friends for life, plus:

  • Learn cross-cultural social skills (DISC test and personality type insight).
  • Gain understanding and appreciation of the world outside the USA
  • Develop practical life skills.
  • Build your knowledge in areas such as photography, cooking, vegetable gardening, animal husbandry, fishing, and sustainable wildlife management.
  • Participate in hands-on in mission work, reaching out to peers and serving the local African church.
Arrive at Limpopo Province and settle in with campus orientation, a spiritual life focus, praise and worship service, and exploring the campus and farm.

During the week, students can expect to spend up to six hours per day in a classroom setting.  There will also be time for service projects or other outings.

Student musicians will lead praise and worship in mornings or evenings, and Sunday mornings will be dedicated to a corporate service.

Friday and/or Saturday evenings will be movie nights. Sunday evenings will typically have no organized activity, but there will be time for blogging and journaling, rest and catching up on social media interaction with family and friends.

We will celebrate the end of this life-changing experience with a celebration dinner called a “braai” and a graduation ceremony.