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CAMP10 is a ministry of Teach Every Nation – an international non profit organisation committed to the rapid growth of Christianity in all nations.

Teach Every Nation (TEN) is an educational ministry committed to the training of thousands of pastors and untrained leaders in the Global South with a relevant curriculum where traditional training models are not affordable. TEN has 25,000 students in 27 African countries. TEN has a beautiful (malaria-free) campus on a game park in the Limpopo province of South Africa that currently has space for up to 100 students. This campus will be the location of CAMP10. TEN is led by well-known author, Dr. Bruce Wilkinson, founder of Walk Thru the Bible and a number of other international initiatives.

TEN will host the CAMP10 students and oversee the program on its campus in the Waterberg, South Africa. TEN has hosted over 2,000 pastors since 2015, and has a well-trained staff specializing in hosting conferences and events. TEN will be working with local partners to oversee the adventure activities and mission projects throughout the five weeks.

Listen to Martin Deacon Executive Director of CAMP10 and CGO of Teach Every Nation on WHY CAMP10?

Corban University in Salem Oregon is a Christian University committed to global impact. It has 2,200 enrolled students across 50 majors and programs, and provides academic programs in Indonesia, Cameroon, Germany and New Zealand. With CAMP10, Corban is reaching out to a new generation of students in both the USA and Africa, in order to prepare them for life after high school with relevant faculty, courses and key senior college students accompanying them..

TEN asked Corban to be the university leading the educational component of CAMP10. Global Studies and integrating our faith into all the spheres of life are hallmarks of Corban University.

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